M D Cervantes Poems

Best Poem of M D Cervantes

Death To My Love
I see my self standing there,
I can see you're scared,
looking in to my evil violet eyes,
you can't believe it
but there's about to be a homicide
and you're the one who's going to die,

I look at you fiercely and say,
'whyd you do it, why John,
I thought we were in love,
whyd you . . .
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Poison Love
love me,
and I’ll love you back
Care for me,
And there I’ll be
When you need me,

Keep me in your heart
And you’ll always be in mine,
Think of me,
And I’ll have you in my mind

Talk to me,
And I’ll listen
Tell me your problems,
And I’ll try to fix them,

Make me s . . .
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