Ximena Cespedes Poems

Ximena Cespedes Poems

2Me.! !

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Me.! !
My name is... .well who cares?
I’m 12 years old
And think I know everything
I’m 5 ‘ 2”. I think I’m the tallest skyscraper in New York
As for my weight, lets just say that I’m not exactly
The skinniest, curviest person in the world
My face is covered in hair.
At least, it’s better than the frizzy hair on my head
. . .
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Lying on my bed,
I felt like writing a poem.
My skills weren’t that great,
And I couldn’t rhyme.

One thing I could do however,
Was write how I felt.

I knew I was trapped
What was worse was that
I didn’t know what had trapped me
I felt empty, with no depth

My life . . .
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