Best Poem of Gaayatri Chandrasekharan

A Lullaby For A Better World
Little one, my grape eyed cherubic baby
I hum to you this nasal, tear drenched lullaby
So you won't be a bad guy all will hate
And you'll grow up to deserve the heaven's golden gate
So that your tiny foamy feet that makes me smile
Can lead the world miles and miles and miles
So that those cute little fingers . . .
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So I've halved my heart to two
The ‘sleep team' and the ‘team sleep not'
And they've started a fiery tug of war
And my heart trying, painfully, to moderate

Should I sleep?
Should I open my eyes to another painful day?
Another day of hurt
Of struggle
Of regret..?
Should I subject myself to . . .
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