Best Poem of R.M. Alexander

Sunrise At Ayer's Rock (Uluru)
Dark and cold,
only silence to be heard.
A moment for pondering,
for self reflection.
But as the sun begins to peek
above the barren desert,
a bird sings.
First one, then many.
Singing a foreign song,
an Outback song.
And slowly,
oh so slowly,
the rock begins to change.
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Lonely Girl In A Hostel
She sits alone
Sipping water in the heat.
Listening to music,
Gently tapping feet.
I wonder where she came from,
How she came to this far land.
In the heat of the jungle,
Where the ocean meets sand.
You can see she is lonely,
As she takes another drag,
Of the ciggarette she pulled,
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