Best Poem of H.M.Usman Dar

Heart And Affection
Unaffected care of mine approaches only friends,
Surely, my adversaries can’t think of it.
My tree shadows and without discrimination!
Am I worse then, even than my tree?
Nadir it is, if it is so!
Don’t you think, however, a tree is a tree!
And doesn’t have a heart__ a heart like mine!
Rapaciously, which . . .
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Nightingales And Flowers
How beautifully nightingales play with flowers,
Peck at their buds, flutter their wings and glide away.
The flowers are comfortable and in a trance,
As if among them their beauty holds sway.
They daily appear to dally with them,
Merrily, happily their day passes by.
The flowers respire aromatic breathes, and . . .
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