Best Poem of Faeo de Lyre

War And The Igbo Laureate
Well advised, fighting
In the side of Biafra; stronger
To live as dies
Nor wont to valour.

Not in his secret, to romp
Home. He took up
Gauntlet in apartment but
The clock lacks time tn tick
His hour.

It matters in his family
And kindred.
The cause in his will to dare
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Purple Friday
In a dry feasting, not
In a fury or in the
Insatiable. Neither for
A victory, pyrrhic nor
But the fear to take up
The gauntlet of a sole
Propriety in apartment.

Not a proud reluctance
To shout triumphant or
But to gild in silence;
Yet, they show no sign of
A tally or a mark of . . .
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