Best Poem of Tabbie Guthrie

Love Is Great!
I feel the warmness of his hand on my waist as he led me on my way. My face burned as he smiled down at me. His hair fell in his eyes as i make him laugh. I feel his back stiffen as I say goodby. He spun me around and hugged me. I felt warmth spreed through me, and I feel his pulse beat softly, while mine spins rapidly. he relinquishes me . . .
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It's Just Me!
In the darkest of my soul buried beneath; rising above the cold hard skin lies a being far from me. Who's sweet, but cold hearted, trying to crack the soul of the earth with her cold dead eyes and beaming smile of death. The sidallnious stuff she does to overcome her darkest thought. It's like a frosty summer day, the heat just trying to . . .
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