A. P. Hancock Poems

A. P. Hancock Poems

150th Birthday - As You Begin Your 51st Year (Just For Fun)
2A Day With Fun And Friend
3A Friendship Tried And True
4A Life That's Full And Whole
5A Man With Hopes And Dreams (Poverty)
6A Memory To Keep
7A Night On Natchez Queen
8And Know That Life's Okay
9And Live Forever High
10And Live Life Bold And Brave
11Dream Some Brand New Dreams
12Especially The Angels Three (Poverty)
13For Tree Top House And Friends
14God's Daughters And His Sons (Poverty)
15He Was Looking Straight At Me (Poverty)
16Help Me Change My Town (Poverty)
17I Need To Do More Than Cry (Poverty)
18I'M Waiting For The Time (Poverty)
19If All I Am Is Kind (Poverty)
20In This Place Made Just For You
21Let Go The Cares And Fears
22Life Along The Way
23Like That Until We Die
24More Than My Prayers (Poverty)
25Now What Are You Going To Do (Poverty)
26On Heaven's Lofty Stairs
27On The Street They Call Desire (Poverty)
28Our Time In Gazebo Shade
29Playing In The Snow
30Short Times
31Take A Chance And Fly
32The All Time Snowball Kings
33The Garden Of Your...
34The Heart Of The Matter Is The Heart (Poverty)
35The Life You Choose To Make
36The Things That Make You Whole
37The Way Things Ought To Be (Poverty)
38The You You'Ve Never Shown
39There's Nothing To Discuss (Poverty)
40Those Fantasies Of Gold
41To Do What We All Must Do
42To Dream With Clouds On High
43To Get Away Again
44To Have A Friend Around
45To Let Our Spirits Roam
46To Smell The Roses Sweet
47Today While You'Re Inspired
48Too Much Of Me Comes First (Poverty)
49What Good Did I Really Do (Poverty)
50Why, Oh Why, Oh Why (Poverty)

Best Poem of A. P. Hancock

Now What Are You Going To Do (Poverty)
Dedicated to All Our Homeless Friends Around the World

I saw my old friend Cal today, Boxcar Shorty was his name
Riding the rail from town to town, was his fortune and his fame
He was standing in the middle ground, with the poor sign in his hand
You won’t believe why I was there, I was looking for some land

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The Way Things Ought To Be (Poverty)
Dedicated to All Our Homeless Friends Around the World

I saw my old friend Cal today, at the Church across the street
It’s not the one with pews and panes, but the place where we often eat
Cal was working some belles and beaus, who didn’t know his need
They thought he was trying to break in line, or do some und . . .
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