Z.J. Hamilton Poems

Z.J. Hamilton Poems

1Hollywood Rapture
2Wasted Smiles

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Hollywood Rapture
Which one needs to die to cure whose vertigo?
Which one interrupts whose wedding,
takes the bride onto which path?
Which one helps who build an empire,
just to see it all fall down?
Which one learns the force,
which one long ago gave up?
Who did I meet years ago
and will one day marry,
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Wasted Smiles
Weaving through the mud clumps
on the dirt path
in between the fields-
I walk there to avoid encountering townsfolk.

'Cause I see them all day long
at my job
it would be a shame
to see them during my sixteen hour escapes.

But I can't walk dirt paths all the time-
soon I reconvene with . . .
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