G.Y Hammed Poems

G.Y Hammed Poems

2My Fear

Best Poem of G.Y Hammed

My Fear
I feel a fear
A replica of a fear, oh dear!
my fall seem near

A fear, oh dear!
A feeling of a fear
It lodge in my soul

Like a fear I have felt
Oh dear! , it stays
It has clouded my soul
It has rendered it foul
Oh dear!
It is a monster of a fear

The fear, oh . . .
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To PoemHunter
This morning, do I crawl
Scare away the blues that make me dull

New here, my hail of letters!

In PoemHunter
This morning, do I stay
The truth, I will always say

Come here friend, let's be together

At PoemHunter
Today, my first cry
I am the Wind. The . . .
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