Best Poem of Quiet Faerie

Snake Woman
She was grand court dancer, with eyes of fire she seduce anyone who came by and see her dancing to a King of Great Palace. Her hair was black like night, skin white like lottos's blossom and body was a shape of half moon.and when she look turn her eyes all town fall on the knees. But unfortunatly she fell in love with King's son who was too . . .
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Snake's Dance
So lovely is her dark hair
scented with Jasmine
her face is radiant
her gait is seductive.
Shahyar stopped Ziba
and suddenly, he kissed her.
From her head, veil fell
'Why do you tease me so? ' she pleaded
but Shahyar was persistent, he took away Ziba ' s honour
Shahyar would not heed her
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