Faery Harper Poems

Faery Harper Poems

1That We Might Know
2The Holidays

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That We Might Know
That we might know, how are the dead;
Whether their state be happy or no;
My lost sire, I loved him so;
That I to him, might this have said.

It isn't enough in mood to fall,
Into those days, think what was ours;
For, weak and limited are those powers
To summon him again, and to recall
. . .
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The Holidays
The holidays are freighted, still
With thoughts of others days, long past;
It is the same, yet, not like last,
Nor any day since he fell ill.

Something elusive, in vain, restored;
Strange, how one absence, makes the change;
For never can man here, rearrange,
With stranger, at the . . .
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