Best Poem of Orhan Veli Kanik

Such Is Life
This family had a puppydog
Curly and kinky;his name was Dingdong - he died.
They had a pusscat too: Cerulean,
She got lost.
Then their daughter got married.
Young son passed the class
All kinds of things, sweet or sad,
Happened within one year.
Just happened, that's the way it goes...
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Toward Freedom
Before dawn,
While the sea is still snow-white, you will set sail;
The grip of the oars in your palms,
And in your heart the joy of toil and vigor,
You will go.
In the roll and sway of the nets, you will go.
For welcome, fish will appear on your course
Delighting you.
As you shake the nets . . .
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