Best Poem of Nassy Fesharaki


Somehow I
Don't know why
Remember your last call
Your voice showed fear, doubt…

So I too
Played game
Kept silence-pretend
Hid myself in basement.

I heard you call: "Nassy"
This is name you gave me.

Nassy is talisman
On my neck…
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Brigitte And Daryl
Brigitte and Daryl

Started with Cathy and asking
No, no, no, with the Tom.

“There’s place…”
He starts, I go on:
“I want it be local.”
I drove…

Trailer was absent, it was gone
No Funky, no Monkey to get soup.

Then Cathy:
“Local fish of Daryl’s…”

Lost and found and at end
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