Best Poem of Fabio Fiallo

Alas Rotas (Broken Wings)
¿La cárcel?—Sí; muy triste,
como cualquier recinto
en donde tú, mi amada,
no estés siempre conmigo.

¿Que si a la oscura cárcel
vinieras?—Amor mío,
sólo el pensarlo cambia
mi celda en paraíso!

Broken Wings

The prison? It is very sad,
As every place must be
In which, beloved of my . . .
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The Roses Of My Rose Tree
Within the courtyard of my home
There grows a rose-tree fair.
The passers-by all envy me
Those roses bright and rare!

In every rose there is a grief!
Some dexterous knife indeed
Seems to have pierced a thousand hearts;
The sunlight makes them bleed.

Like tears appear the dewdrops clear
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