I am what I am. free Poems

I am what I am. free Poems

1Slave From Birth
2Spinning Looms
3What If....

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Slave From Birth
My body is the prison of my very soul. And if I was to try and escape, The gods would surely detest. For I'm a mere slave to them, can you not see.

As I free my thoughts of this prison. I learn that they plaque my mind with visions of ever lasting hell.

What is truly hidden is the truth of this life from every man . . .
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Spinning Looms
Oh shelley oh shelley can I taste your morning dew. I promise not to shack the clouds from the new moon. The acoustics would only muffle a shimmering light. I also promise to only bring you delight, if I must be oh so polite. I will wait until you are ready remembering to only go steady as i try not to forget or fret with disbelief or . . .
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