Shalom Freedman Poems

Shalom Freedman Poems

1'Anger' Is Not Always A Poem
2'Courage' Is A Poem I Have Always Had Difficulty Writing
3'It Is No Good Anymore'
4'No One Makes Money From Poetry'
5'Now' And 'more Now'
6'The Poem The Poem And The Poem Again'
7'The Poet I Am', And 'The Poet I Am Not'
8'The World Is Moving And You Are Standing Still'
9'Thought'- That Brings Us Close To Tears
10'To Burn Unused'
1118 Definitions Of Poetry
12A Constant Struggle
13A Day Is Ending And Nothing Has Been Done
14A Day Is Gone
15A Day Without Poetry
16A Day Without Poetry/Is A Lost Day
17A Day's Work
18A Deep Yearning For The Past
19A Depression Poem
20A Few Kind Words
21A Few Words Of Praise For My Poems
22A Friend Is Also (For Yaakov Fogelman Of Blessed Memory)
23A Friend Is Gone (For Alex Auswaks)
24A Grandchild Gives New Hope In Life
25A Great And Unusual Happiness
26A Great Man Died
27A Holiday Is Not A Holiday
28A Lesson From Sam Berns Of Blessed Memory
29A Life In Writing As My Life
30A Life Incommensurate
31A Life Is Lived The Way It Is Lived
32A Little Poem/ At Heart A Home
33A Little Soul With Monstrous Fears
34A Man Alone
35A Man Alone Is Only His Own Death
36A Man Became Addicted To Poetry
37A Man Became Addicted To Writing Poems
38A Man Does Not Know Who He Is
39A Man Walks Slowly To His Own Grave
40A Man Walks Slowly/ When He Has Nowhere Special To Go
41A Man Wrote Because He Had Nothing Else He Could Do
42A Moment Remembered Of Shabbat Ha-Gadol 5770
43A New Year Is About To Begin/ A Prayer For Your Forgiveness
44A New Year Should Begin Again With New Hope
45A Night Passes In A Silenceless Torment
46A Nightmare Of Strangeness
47A Paradox Of Prayer
48A Pessimist's Poem- Nothing I Dreamed Came True
49A Pettiness Of Possibilities
50A Piano Recital Of Isser Slonim At The Rubin Academy In Jerusalem

Best Poem of Shalom Freedman

In My Old Age/ My Happiness

In my old age
My happiness
Overwhelms me.

The light towards twilight?
The quiet?
The thought of my children
Who love and honor their father?

A peace in the cool air?
Just being here all the years
In . . .
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A Strange And Sudden Happiness

A strange and sudden happiness came over me
In the midst of the middle of nothing special-
Being alive
Just here
After all the years-
Eleven o’clock in the morning
With three hours of work to go
Before I am free again-
A strange and sudden happiness
I t . . .
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