Best Poem of Ugochukwu Aneke

I Know The Prince Of Peace
They count their holy beads with life claws
Awe that Muham'd came & stood for peace
Fingered-hands say the Roman rosary
O Mother-mary, regarding less the Lords Words

As an Asylum assembles Lunatics
To correct the illness of their soiled Minds
So my lame and dejected self
Dwells in this . . .
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Madman's Sage
Sympathy alone accompanies my senses
No father to cloth my unclad self
My members left unkempt; result of no family
my tears wept by the rain & not a mother
Yet humans under shelter worry of loneliness

A Lady Lad weeps of being left by her lover
Earthlings should soul well what loneness is
And . . .
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