Fabrizio Frosini Poems

Fabrizio Frosini Poems

1'Musiche Sull'Acqua', I.
2'Nevicata Notturna' — 'Nocturnal Snowing'
3A Christmas Eve
4A Translation: ' Attraverso I Campi ' (A Poem By Hermann Hesse)
5A Translation: ' Bellezza ' (A Poem By Robert Laurence Binyon)
6A Translation: ' Ceppo ' (A Poem By James Merrill)
7A Translation: ' Conoscenza ' (A Poem By Louise Bogan)
8A Translation: ' Credo ' (A Poem By Gabriela Mistral)
9A Translation: ' Crepuscolo ' (A Poem By Gabriela Mistral)
10A Translation: ' Erano Molto Felici ' (A Poem By Daniel Brick)
11A Translation: ' Il Grido Della Strolaga ' (A Poem By Robert Bly)
12A Translation: ' Intimità D' Inverno ' (A Poem By Robert Bly)
13A Translation: ' L'evoluzione Delle Olive ' (A Poem By Tim Liardet)
14A Translation: ' L'ospite Brillante ' (A Poem By Gabriela Mistral)
15A Translation: ' La Rosa ' (A Poem By Gabriela Mistral)
16A Translation: ' Non Sono Sola ' (A Poem By Gabriela Mistral)
17A Translation: ' Parigi ' (A Poem By Harold Pinter)
18A Translation: ' Prayerful As A Branch ' (A Poem By Cristina Campo)
19A Translation: ' Tenere Le Cose Insieme ' (A Poem By Mark Strand)
20A Translation: ' Una Misteriosa Epigrafe ' (A Poem By James Merrill)
21A Translation: ' Vidi Il Rosso Cremisi Della Sua Bocca Rotonda' (Poem By Wilfred Owen)
22A Translation: 'A Sofia' (A Poem By Lisa Langton)
23A Translation: 'Cuore Che Cammina' (A Poem By Istvan Dan Molnar Uriel)
24A Translation: 'Dedalo Nel Labirinto' (A Poem By Daniel J. Brick)
25A Translation: 'Desiderio' (A Poem By Mihaela Pirjol)
26A Translation: 'Fusione' (A Poem By Sandra Feldman)
27A Translation: 'Il Lago' (A Poem By Diane Hine)
28A Translation: 'Il Suicidio' (A Poem By Pearl Monametsi)
29A Translation: 'Il Suono Del Silenzio' (A Poem By Sultan Ratrout)
30A Translation: 'L'Eterna Voglia Di Girovagare' (A Poem By Leah Ayliffe)
31A Translation: 'La Chiatta Misteriosa Nel Cuore Della Notte ' (A Poem By Emmanuel George Cefai)
32A Translation: 'La Pittrice' (A Poem By Negar Libre)
33A Translation: 'La Torre Dell'Orologio' (A Poem By Michael Patrick Hunt)
34A Translation: 'Luna Solitaria' (A Poem By Sandra Feldman)
35A Translation: 'Madre Africa' (A Poem By Lisa Langton)
36A Translation: 'Ogni Giorno' (A Poem By Anastasija Bobileva)
37A Translation: 'quando Mangio Meloni' (A Poem By Yamanoue No Okura
38A Translation: 'Quanto Piangeresti' (A Poem By Euan Mcdonald)
39A Translation: 'Raccogliendo I Pezzi' (A Poem By Roseann V. Shawiak)
40A Translation: 'Tradimento' (A Poem By 'Young Heart')
41A Translation: 'Una Vita Da Ricordare' (A Poem By Tapera Makadho)
42A Translation: 'Valore Nominale' (A Poem By Kelly Kurt)
43A Translation: 'vivace Ma Non Soltanto Così' (A Poem By Pavol Janik)
44A Translation: 'Vorrei Essere Io' (A Poem By Luke Gammon)
45About Doctors
46About Doctors _ [italian]
47Ashen Hair
49Blood Rain
50Capelli Di Cenere __ [ashen Hair]

Best Poem of Fabrizio Frosini

Yearning for tenderness.
The one lost —It's so long - so long
Since.. ]

The light delves deep in the watery
Unconsciousness of an unnatural essence,
Just to find nothing.

Longing for what went missing at some point
Somewhere, in the long journey, is a beguiling
Dead end.

Come w . . .
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Ashen Hair
Ashen hair only is what I see
Looking at your picture from a

Terrible and splendid in the
The color of what remains.

And I cannot help but
Stare at you
When I am lying on the rock of my
Empty body

And let the voice of the waves

My . . .
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