Vaishali Gir Poems

Vaishali Gir Poems

1An Apology
2Heart Vs. Brian
4My Tale

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Heart Vs. Brian
Brain: You asked for this, didn't you?
Heart: Yes, I did. But I asked for death. Not for this pain.

Brain: You wanted to suffer, isn't that true?
Heart: Yes, I did. But there’s far too much to lose than to gain.

Brain: You said you didn't want to cry all night?
Heart: Yes, I did. But for how long am I t . . .
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It’s heavy
It’s black
It’s sinking
In the enormous see
It’s round
And pointed
But split down the middle
Shiver, sizzle, CRACK!
It’s broken
It’s cold
It’s dark
It’s gone forever
It’s metallic
It hurts
It’s weeping
Shiver, sizzle, CRACK!
It’s away
It’s gone
It’s travelli . . .
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