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**best Friend's**
**! To My Best Friend! **

This is for the greatest person
that I have ever known.
Being away from you for so long
I am feeling so alone.
With you I am so happy
you keep my heart content.
But I had to be a volunteer -
so off to England I went.
That is where I found my heart
and how I . . .
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**** L0v3 ****
When i see your face it makes me wanna kiss it.
When i see u cry i feel like crying.
When u smile u make me smile.
When u laugh u make me laugh
i love the way u tickle me i will nearly piss my pants.
i will walk 10 miles to get to u and kiss u coz thats how much u mean to me and thats how much i mean to u. . . .
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