Best Poem of Nadeen Khalifa

One More Chance To Change
'One more chance to change'
I feel tamed,
Am filled with so much pain,
I never felt so angry on silly thing
Maybe it's silly cause always
Making your modeĀ so low and tempered.
I wish I had the chance to change my life,
And make it so much nice.
If I had three wishes
I would choose the best . . .
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'Cause I Have Friend Like You'
'Cause I have a friend like you'
A friend like you
Can make me rule,
Can make me strong
Like a wall no wrong.

You are the person
Courage me,
You are that fairy
Define me.
You can make me smileĀ 
You can make cry.
Never ever can make more cry,
Like the day
That make you . . .
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