T X Klopfenstein Poems

T X Klopfenstein Poems

1Morning Musings
2Send Her Back?

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Morning Musings
Long before the gates of hell
When you were just a dream
There was an awesome emptiness
A prelude to the theme;

The symphony began that day
A trilling melody to shake the soul
Softly, it began-like nothing else before
Existence wrought a created whole.

Moments pass in earthly time,
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Send Her Back?
I overheard my father talking
To my mother earlier this week;
It made me want to laugh so hard
That I could barely speak.

He asked her a solemn question
One that made her wonder
It made me finally figure out
Why I always dream of yonder:

'Should we send her back to Betelgeuse,
Her . . .
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