Yannic Klundert Poems

Yannic Klundert Poems

1The Story No One Tells
2Who I Want To Be

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The Story No One Tells
A lot of things happened to me,
and that's what made me who I want to be.
I've had ups and downs just like everyone else,
but deep inside of me is a story that no one tells.

Fake a smile every single day,
I'll make it anyway.
It's hard to keep up with everything,
so I just keep on editing.
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Who I Want To Be
I like to be the best of me,
to reach for the highest apple on the tree.
To get the best result,
I'll try to carry the world.

Life is a rollercoaster of emotions,
with tears that could fill the oceans.
Time is a thief,
life is short be your own commander in chief.

My days are filled . . .
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