A.J. Mills Poems

A.J. Mills Poems

1Lost Love
2Loves 29 Year Old Boy

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Lost Love
An emancipation is what she gave, but then
my heart is what she stole
now im left with a voidness in my soul

The slight exterior cracks
smashed to a gapping abyss
I dwell, I linger, just to wait
though I know its a parting kiss
now she is gone im broken and burnt
left with what should have been . . .
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Loves 29 Year Old Boy
The boy who tried to be a man
a man who felt like a king
when he finally found
for what he had searched for from within

She broke this kings throne
and destroyed this mans courage
evoked all his fears he believed
to be buried and banished

She unblinded his eyes
and now its plain to . . .
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