C. R. Lunsford Sr. Poems

C. R. Lunsford Sr. Poems

1Judge Me Not
2Path Of Roses
3Widow Watcher

Best Poem of C. R. Lunsford Sr.

Widow Watcher
Oh holier than thou
How so soon hast thou
Become so righteous

Seems only yesterday
I saw you and your young friend
And Was that a drink
I saw in your hand

Or could I be mistaken
And that was but another man

So soon we forget
What we are about
And the . . .
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Judge Me Not
Perchance to your eyes, my ways
Are not set to conformity

Judge me not, lest I be the cause of your sin, and my sins become the greater therefore

Deeming my God different from your God
Address the prayer to your God, that if he works through my God
I might see the err of my ways . . .
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