Best Poem of C. Dawn Campbell

My Colorful Life
When I was born in '72, I was colored insecure.
Thanks to Jesus Christ, I've now been colored pure.

I've been colored a mama.
I've been colored a survivor who's overcome trauma.

I've been colored a court reporter, learning to write steno.
I've been colored so broke I couldn't find a quarter, coloring me . . .
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Don'T Let In Regret
Regret does a person harm, I finally admit. I've let loves go with my own arm & have learned from it.

I can't regret the paths I've chose. Harm, such would let & that's how it goes.

To learn, to me is key. Therefore, regret is gone from me. 

Instead, I'll smile & not feel burned. I'm thankful for what I've . . .
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