Emily Castro
i got your back, you got mine,
ill help you out, anytime,
to see you hurt, to see you cry,
makes me weep and wanna die,
if you agree to never fight,
wouldnt matter whos wrong or right,
if a broken heart needs a mend,
ill be by your side till the end,
as a sister and as a friend! ! ! !
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Mily F. Loko
shes been there wen
wen i cry, wen i get heart broken
wen i laugh,
wen ever theres been rough times
wen im mad, wen im happy,
wen im jealous, wen im crazy,
wen im down wen im sad,
wen im pretty, wen im ugly,
basicly shes been through
everything with me and thats
the girl i call my . . .
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