Best Poem of D. M. L. Catseye

Dream Sonnet 2
These are the panics why I doubt what's true.
Escaped a beast, we race towards eastern dusk
Bullets won't hurt me, my manner so brusque
Jaws and claws fight me, but never get through.

Her mages ne'er had the chance to respond,
Killed by a quarter, string, and golden ring
So many terrors a small girl can . . .
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At Night
Summer is not quite fulfilled
until a campfire night
Though my hair is filled with
ashes and smoke
and quite a nasty smell.
I wonder how my fire’s doing
I left it all alone
The embers’ heat were fading
into ashes like my soul.
My heart once beat a lovely tune
‘Love’ it sang and pla . . .
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