Best Poem of Wallace Kaufman

Kazakh Land By By Mukagali Makataev
Behold! Behold! Behold! Sacred and bountiful land!
Batyrs battled across this land.
Lovers loved each other on this land!
Bards lamented when they lost this land.
The scent of it seeps from its dust.
Do not pass blindly without a bow!
This territory,
this right region
right here
I thank my . . .
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Introducing Daphne Athas
(for Daphne Athas, novelist and teacher at UNC-CH)

Who is this stranger come to speak?
First, like all of us, she is a name, Hers, Daphne, her family's, Athas: thoroughly Greek.

You may remember the first Greek Daphne-whose father was a river, and she a nymph and then a tree, the laurel.
Remember too . . .
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