Chenou Liu Poems

Chenou Liu Poems

1'Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry” Tanka
2'Blue, White And Red' Tanka
3'Blueline And Red Thread' Tanka
4'Bread And Roses' Haiku
5'Chinglish' Tanka
6'Don'T Speak' Haiku For Mo Yan,2012 Nobel Prize Winner
7'Donald Trump Toppled' Senryu (Comic Haiku)
8'Dust To Dust' Haiku
9'Enjoy The Now' Haiku
10'Fields Of Gold' Haiku For Sting
11'Good Morning, Vietnam' Tanka For Robin Williams
12'Hands Up, Don'T Shoot' Haiku For Michael Brown
13'I And Thou' Haiku
14'I Can'T Breathe' Tanka
15'I Can'T Breathe' Tanka For Eric Garner
16'I Think' Haiku
17'I Used To Be' Senryu (Comic Haiku)
18'Im-Mi-Grant ' Haiku
19'No Means No' Haiku
20'No Means No' Tanka
21'Oh, Bama Thought Police' Sci-Fi Haiku
22'Peace And Love' Tanka For Neil Young
23'Peace On Earth' Haiku For U2
24'Pop! Pop! Pop! ' Haiku
25'Shot In The Back' Haiku
26'Silent Night, Holy Night' Tanka
27'Slanted Eyes' Tanka
28'Taste Of Moonlight' Haiku
29'The Same Moon' Tanka
30'We Are All Michael Brown' Tanka
31A Bittersweet Year Of Travel, A Haiku Sequence
32A Book Of Poetry Yet To Be Published
33A Chinese Street Singer
34A Day At The Festival: A Haiku Sequence
35A Day In Her Shadowy Life For The New Pope
36A Dead Man Writing
37A Dedication To You, The Reader
38A Drunken Poem
39A Gendai Haiku About War
40A Haiku About 'Berlin 1961'
41A Haiku About A Deceased Friend
42A Haiku About A Drunk Poet On New Year's Eve
43A Haiku About A Monarch Butterfly
44A Haiku About Afghanistan's First Female Rapper
45A Haiku About Anne Frank House
46A Haiku About Dark Thoughts
47A Haiku About Double Love Suicide
48A Haiku About Dueling
49A Haiku About Education
50A Haiku About Eu Election

Best Poem of Chenou Liu

War And Peace Tanka
winter sunlight
reaches the frayed cover
of 'War and Peace'...
the white neighbor erects
a fence between our houses . . .
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Racism Haiku
for Abraham Joshua Heschel who proclaims that Racism is man's gravest threat to man.

'those slanted eyes'
in the room silence
like thunder

racism talk
what does white
smell like?

Note: The phrase, 'slanted eyes, ' is a racist slur that refers to a person of Asian descent . . .
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