Best Poem of Gabhriel Londe

It Is Night
It's dark outside,
But it isn't.
There is still an ominous red glow in the sky
At 11: 14pm.
I can see shadows
And silhouettes of trees
That bother my brain
And poke and prod at my thoughts.

There's no rest
For the nocturnal beehive
That is my mind,
Even though there is some . . .
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Life Is Tough Everywhere
The boy tells me
That he’s not ready for it,
That he’s not smart enough.
He’s scared
Of the shortcomings
He’s imagined.
The boy tells me
That he can’t do it.

The other boy
Tries to convince him
To go outside with him,
But he doesn't want to.

He just hangs his head
On my s . . .
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