A Cloud Of Emptiness Loneliness Poems

A Cloud Of Emptiness Loneliness Poems

1Depression In Life
2Life Is A Depression

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Depression In Life
Life is boring life is shit
Can't think of a different explanation
I don't want to kill my self
But its hard not to think about

I wish i got friends
To be with and telling storys
I wish i got love but not only from my parents
But my life is empty and not fun at all

A knife in my heart is . . .
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Life Is A Depression
The dark depression of this life
its bitter sweet and always right
days are dark and feelings are meaningless
the way i live is dark with agony and fear

Clouds are strong and gray
i feel lost inside in my own way
can't think of anything ells
but my life is bitter sweet and cold

i don't . . .
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