Kacy Loukota Poems

Kacy Loukota Poems

1Being In This Place

Best Poem of Kacy Loukota

It's the moment you feel like a train hits your chest
When your heart breaks
It's the moment you fall to the ground into a pile of tears
When your heart has been broken

No one tells you how real betrayal feels
No one tells you that it isn't your enemy that stabs you in the back
No one prepares you for . . .
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Being In This Place
I watch as the people around me move in blurs, the boy and the girl speaking low.
I focus my time towards the emptiness inside of me.
Being in this place
Helps me know how to act.
Helps me know what to say.
Helps me know when to smile.

I watch as the girl starts crying.
I focus my energy towards . . .
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