Best Poem of T N McCoy

Sea Of Emotions
Drifting! Massing! Rising!
Folding! Roiling! Dropping!
Crashing! Soaking! Pooling!
Ebbing! Leaving! Holding!
I seek no mere caprice!

Renewing! Gathering! Threatening!
Returning! Cresting! Lapping!
Wailing! Hailing! Sailing!
Again! And again! And again!
Will they never . . .
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Ancient Egyptian Death
All dead
Enter a dark
Netherworld to receive
Judgment from Pantheon below.

For heart
Of dead: enter
Hall of Truth for weighing;
Dog-headed ape Thoth sits atop
The scale.

Also greets you:
With feather to balance.
Does conscience equal truth and law? . . .
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