Best Poem of J. Measel

Gray Light Sparkles Off The Water
Gray light sparkles off the water,
It lands in my eye as I look across the Lake.
The gray lake light turns upsidedown
As I look up into the Night's sky.
As I did so the upsidedown gray lake light raised above my head and became the Moon,
Shinning in all her glory.

Shinning reflections glanced off my . . .
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Seeing The Unseen
Seeing the unseen-
Hearing the unheard-
Touching the untouchable-
Hoping the hopeless-

Walking up the hill-
Filled with Life's misfortunes-
Running- loosing breath-
Pushing past the others

Who all want what I want-
Who all search the same as I-
Looking for the enlightened . . .
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