Best Poem of Baby Majesty Mermaid

Brown Eye Baby Majesty Mermaid
There’s a brown eyed mermaid
who lives deep in the sea,
she is a baby who is only three.
Her best friend’s name is Melodie.
Now Melodie has a surprise for her,
It’s a wig with lots of curls.
Colorful curls that glow in the dark,
same color as a costume shaped like a shark
Majesty will have a party . . .
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Mermaid By The Sea
Little mermaid splashing in the sea,
swimming around as free as can be.
Letting the ocean’s wave’s float you to shore,
hoping to win the heart,
of a man who totally adores,

deep down to your soul.
Once he has his eyes on you,

he hears a sacred note,
totally mezmorized
h . . .
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