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I'M Just An Emo Girl
f I dress nicely, ,
I'm a snob..
If i dress sexy, ,
they'll say i'm a slut..
if i argue with someone, ,
i'm a stubborn..
if i'm quiet, ,
they'll say i'm unintelligent..
if wont follow them, ,
they'll say i dont love them

now tell me that my life was so perfect..! . . .
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A Man That I Loved So Much
Since I was born,
I love him so much
I see him everyday I wake up
Cooking my breakfast,
Fixing my Lunch, and
Taking care of my younger brother

I know he's fantastic, perfect, and kind...
He may be a hero like superman., , ,
But for me he will remain as my father
no matter what may . . .
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