J.Edgar Middleton Poems

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Peace And War
A pleasant river, clear and blue,

Went singing to the sea.
The sunbeam joined them hand in hand

To dance the melody.
The courtly rushes bowed their heads

As nobles to the Queen,
And saw, reflected in the wave,
Their coats of Lincoln green.

God made such horrors? Count that word . . .
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Off Heligoland
Ghostly ships in a ghostly sea,–
Here's to Drake in the Spanish main!–
Hark to the turbines, running free,
Oil-cups full and the orders plain.
Plunging into the misty night,
Surging into the rolling brine,
Never a word, and never a light,–
This for England, that love of mine!

Look! a gleam on th . . .
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