T.V. John Langworthy Poems

T.V. John Langworthy Poems

1About You

Best Poem of T.V. John Langworthy

You got bling bling bling
Your phone ring ring rings
It’s not coulda shoulda woulda
You are my dream
We rejoice in victories
Forget about failure
We risk nothing
We got everything to gain
In the morrow
when the flowers spring
make me pancakes, mama
Lay it o . . .
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I was walking backwards
when I checked into the Flea Bag Hotel
Subway lines were drawn on my pillow
It was soft, the day a fog

A handprint was on the window
Lipstick lips on the mirror
I made my move
to get out of there

I jumped into my car
and it started to fly
A voting booth . . .
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