L.A. Kenton Poems

Best Poem of L.A. Kenton

Septic Sky
So the purpose has all gone under
Hark ‘twas only sound, more thunder
Better sing a song!

So the moon’s gone and always stays frozen
An’ caps melt as if Neptune ‘twasn’t spoken
Better sing a song!

So the sun-crack rests born hot gloat-blind blazing
An’ poor kid’s gone film, all pill-cream phasing
. . .
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Another Queen Jane
The mice sleep soap n’ hurry scurry, go merry the weekend
And my death-letter hath no form nor stamp t’ frank on send
Blood down my branch it’s still torn mud and dripping
Could ya hop the stile? I see yer brow a raised skipping
Another Queen Jane till the end

Well the mice hide cheese & boxes, go sherry the weeke . . .
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