Xinyi Konan Poems

Xinyi Konan Poems

2No Matter How I Am

Best Poem of Xinyi Konan

They tell you a critical comment,
A harsh word,
A furious scolding,

They sing you praises,
Smiles, treats, rewards
Only if you do

They think they know you,
But that’s a lie,
Yet, they are the ones that know you,

They are my pillar of s . . .
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No Matter How I Am
I’m like a kite
Stuck in the tree
So high up
That no one
Wants to get me

  I am like a pebble
On the side of the road
You’d kick to the roadside
When you get close  

I am that flower
That eyes would never fall upon me
That my colours are so dull
That I’d be not wor . . .
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