Nabeela Koyeenahi Poems

Best Poem of Nabeela Koyeenahi

Anyplace can be a home as long as there’s a Being
Whose knowledge and love give life it’s true meaning.
From A’town I started, but then longed to roam,
And each time, with each move, a new place became “home”.
Many friends came my way who have taught and inspired:
They listened and shared – sadly, some have “retired”.< . . .
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The Bho
I saw the train as it rolled by
the *BHO, we waited so long to greet.
The crowd cheered long and loud
knowing on board was the fulfilment of many dreams.
It was a famous ride joining present with past.
Our “grands” say the train of freedom
has come full circle at last.
Yes, today the train of hope and cha . . .
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