Vako Lake Poems

Best Poem of Vako Lake

Sun Of Wax
Can these fences look around?
Can these high trees say a word?
Summer nature plays its soundtrack,
That’s an art of unknown Lord,
Stony road through green hills flourished,
Fragrance of the leaves of tea,
From balcony watch the life,
Sun of wax melts down on me.
Seems like same old stories h . . .
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Occultation Of A Living Being
Sky has colours of the pain, sun is twinkling, air’s dry,
Someone’s getting on the knees and waiting for the turn to die,
Something’s breaking, something’s fading, shady shapes are being evolved,
Nature’s calling, thunder’s roaring, dark enigma’s getting solved,
Dreadful, hateful, harmful, hurtful, all the beings are going blind, . . .
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