Best Poem of D.P. Lukich

MY eyes crust over
with deep red fissures,
stung by the stale air.

Unyielding ennui now...
as the klik-klak of keys...
shovel's crunch to earth..
or mush of a mortar sandwich.

Yet insomnia strikes back
(or rather again)

Mesmerized by Ms. Applegate,
or Jack . . .
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Fluorescent Life
Perhps fluorecent lights & lives are less than 3 letters off?
The ever-hum of decade spanning tedium,
Can be coarse or crass to behold,
Over-looked to the conditioned,
They burn a bright annoyance,

Yet most of all:
a broken bulb is a biohazard
to it and all around. . . .
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