Best Poem of FABIYAS M V

Dream Fragments
The window latch sleep opens,
Then the mind flits out,
And wends the regions,
Boundless, free, and twilit,
Till warm rays kiss the night welt.

Like a rat the mind darted
Along the shrubs,
By the elephants chased.
Soon the legs lost quick paces;
And in fear, the mind to the body . . .
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A Bullet And Justice
Scattered blood drops scrawled
A modern picture on the toilet walls.
Virginity and life bird
Have been butchered in the beastly clutches.

'Charm of that dimple smile,
O daughter, no drug can tranquilize me'.
As the pyre burns on,
Gloomy father leans on the broken dreams

Later, in the . . .
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