M. Elizabeth Barrett Doyle Poems

M. Elizabeth Barrett Doyle Poems

1Bare Windows
2Gifts Of Light - I
3The Blue Bell's Secret

Best Poem of M. Elizabeth Barrett Doyle

The Blue Bell's Secret
"I have a secret,"
Says the lovely blue bell.
"Only the pure of heart
Can I tell.

So listen closely
To what I say
Or my secret must wait
For another day.

I ring only
When fairies abound,
To summon them
To their woodland town

To . . .
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Bare Windows
I look at the world
Through bare windows,
And see it all --
Bright sunlight,
Deep shadows,
Birds in flight,

Bare dead trees,
Thick tangled vines
That whisper in the breeze.

Fox hunts the mouse.
Snake slithers by
Shedding his dry skin house.
I look at the . . .
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