Best Poem of Z.I. Mahmud

Hilsa Fish..... My Favorite
Oh! Hilsa fish
Oh! Hilsa fish
I am a Bangladeshi
My favorite fish is Hilsa
Oh! Hilsa is very cute!
It has a silver colored body
Oh! the Hilsa of the river Padma, Meghna, Jamuna
Tastes very delicious!
Bangladeshisis eat Hilsa fry with rice soaked in water and using onions and chili
Really . . .
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Kemo Monkey In Ninja Hattori (A Cartoon)
Kemo Monkey!
What a strange name you got!
Are you a monkey
Yes you are for your activities!
You trouble others a lot!
You are very selfish!
But sometimes you are very generous!
You are a Ninja
Who belongs to the Coga Dynasty
Hattori is your enemy
He belongs to the Ega!
You are . . .
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