Baba Mahmud Muhammad Poems

Baba Mahmud Muhammad Poems

2Country Anthem
4My Moon

Best Poem of Baba Mahmud Muhammad

My Moon
From the first
As your feet marched on
I caught u in the pangs of my agony

As darkness chased away light
You raise a moonlight in me
Gazing into my yearnings
Running through my lovelorn blues
Of love with no love
I see you opening like a moonflower

You are my moon
The only light . . .
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Sirene of life
We embrace d cry
Thus adieu with tears

Every new born must cry
Every new born must die
Every new time must fade

From the strings of minor
To the trumpet of major
We adieu with tears

Sirene of death
Sings nd slices fear
Thus divorce thy life. . . .
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