Best Poem of K.M. Naumann

Beauty Of A Love Affair
Romance to breathe, passion to nourish
Compel love, as entity, to remain.
Embrace the desire and foster affection
From illicit seduction, and sustain.

Cultivate the beautiful treasure, forbidden;
Cherish the affair as babe.
The fruit is live, identify and own;
To preserve is lost and vain.

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Phantasmagoric Flight 213
Wherefore such a cognizant concomitance? Do
we not repel as north ends
of two magnets? I believe moral law is ob-
ligatory, where, to my juxtaposed faux-Antinomian counter-
part, it is optional. Flesh ne'er became one, but
was the degradational sum of
commercially normalized exploitation.

We are . . .
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